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The Beautiful Bellydance Calendar by dancer/artist Donna Chess

Fall in love with the beautiful artwork of bellydancer Donna Chess as we explore the images from her 2018 Calendar

Behind the Curtain with Donna Mejia

Get to know tribalista goddess Donna Mejia off stage, and learn some surprising and fun tidbits about this transnational dance superstar!

Say it on Vintage Bellydancer Notecards

A collection of beautiful notecards featuring vintage bellydancers and women of the Middle East.

Headliners and their furbabies

Get a sneak peek of life at home with your favorite belly dance headliners by checking out their adorable furbabies! Can you guess which of these pets belongs to each of these divas?   . . . Ready? . .... Continue Reading →

Origin of the ‘fifi’

Continuing with my education and research into the nomenclature of our bellydance lingo, I have spent the last few weeks playing detective with a move called 'fifi.' I only learned the move a few years ago myself, having been involved... Continue Reading →

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