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Morroccan Wedding Blankets

For my behind-the-curtain interview with Jill Parker, I asked her if there was a certain trinket or souvenir she relishes from all of her travels as a headlining bellydancer.  Her response inspired today's blog:   "I bought a Moroccan Wedding... Continue Reading →

History of the Moves: Choo Choo Shimmy vs. ATS Choo Choo bump

Ok bellydancers, raise your hand if you have ALWAYS wondered why there are two seemingly very different belly dance movements called "choo choo."   If you're a tribal dancer who's taken a classical workshop and they say "Ok, we're going... Continue Reading →

Dance Creativity Challenge: Triangles

How do you keep your creativity sparking when you are a professional artist or on a deadline? What about when your art is your hobby, and you just can't find enough time to play with it and create?   For... Continue Reading →

Behind the Curtain with Ariellah

Headliner Ariellah, queen of dark fusion bellydance, shares some fun factoids about her life off stage that you probably couldn't guess...

Costume Inspiration: Emeralds of May

  It's May!!! Time for Tauruses to don their birthstones to represent all the beautiful things that May celebrates - femininity, motherhood, budding flowers, baby animals.... Of course, if you're dealing with the torrential downpours like some of us around... Continue Reading →

3 minute ethnography: Kuchi

Find out more about where your favorite boho jewelry comes from - the Kuchi of Afghanistan

Moroccan Riad Inspiration for the Home

Morocco is the place that my mind travels to most often when I'm fantasizing about the perfect relaxation space in my home or studio.  The supreme melting pot of traditional North African, Berber, Islamic, Christian and Jewish art and architecture...  ... Continue Reading →

Focus on Fair Trade: Nomads Clothing 

It's Fashion Revolution Week! What better time to start supporting fair trade fashion by learning about the revolution and buying a few new fair trade looks for your wardrobe?!  Every year since a fateful day in April 2014 when over... Continue Reading →

Birthstone Inspiration: April Diamonds

Looking for style inspiration? Whether for an everyday tribal look or your next performance costume, this month's style inspiration board comes from the birthstone of lucky April babies : diamonds!   Now, most of us can't afford to go around... Continue Reading →

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