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Sustainable Fashion: Cleobella

Can you believe Autumn is almost here? Between my 3 weeks of traveling, a solar eclipse, and finally getting to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 2), I don't even know which way is up right now.  ... Continue Reading →

Tribal Fusion Headliners: Early Years

It's Time for Part 2 of the Headliners' Early Years!   Earlier this month, we shared some adorable photos of tribal dance headliners BEFORE they started dancing.  NOW it's time to enjoy some reflections on these fabulous dancers in the... Continue Reading →

Glorious Turkoman Jewelry

After diving into research on the Turkic cultures for the 3 Minute Ethnography, I realized I really needed to devote a separate blog on their incredible jewelry. Turkmen silver jewelry is amazing. It's huge. It's decadent. And it's wrought with... Continue Reading →

3 Minute Ethnography: Turkmens

Hi folks! Time for the next edition of Cultural Connections - helping us put faces and places to the bits and baubles that we love so much as tribalistas.   So if you're staring at a wall of shiny lovelies... Continue Reading →

Sword Etiquette

My 6 guidelines for handling a sword appropriately for bellydance performance.

Headliners: Before they were stars!

Shhh...don't tell anyone - we've got baby photos of some of your favorite headlining tribal bellydancers.   Well, photos of them when they were younger, that is.  Thanks to social media, we've been able to get closer and closer to... Continue Reading →

Thrifty Tribal: Art Deco Dancers

My latest thrift-store find obsession and what I've learned about the earliest 'oriental' dancers influenced the art deco movement...and vice versa.

“The Spy” – Mata Hari portrayed by Paolo Coehlo

  When Groupon first came out, I hestitated to run a coupon with them for my bellydance studio, but I went for it anyway.  When the promo came out, I was mortified at the copy that they invented to go... Continue Reading →

June birthstone inspiration: Pearls

"The pearl is the oyster's autobiography" -Federico Fellini The June birthstone is the pearl, symbolizing wisdom through experience, wealth, luck, balancing karma and loyalty and integrity.   If you're seeking to imbed your costume or #everydaytribal look with special meaning,... Continue Reading →

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