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Celebrating Women as Providers

Festival of the Virgin of Candelaria - Puno, Peru Festival of the Virgin of Urkupiña - Quillacollo, Bolivia   This is an excerpt from the book Celebrating Women by Paola Gianturco, reproduced from her website, "The Quechua tribal people in... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Women As Virgins: Swaziland

This is an excerpt from the book Celebrating Women by Paola Gianturco Umhlanga, The Reed Dance - Lobamba, Swaziland "Ndileka Mabusa attended college in Pretoria. Because she has been out of the country, she has never participated in a Reed Dance. As... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Celebrating Women

Years ago, my mom met author Paola Gianturco and bought us each a copy of her then new book "Celebrating Women." This has been one of my favorite coffee table books, and in light of the recent holiday celebrating women,... Continue Reading →

11 Cats Who are more #EverdayTribal than me.

Cats in costumes, cats helping their mamas get into costume, cats making it difficult for mama to make costumes, and cats lounging around like goddesses while mama is probably wishing she was IN costume... @auryoriental on Instagram Alice Giampieri, of BellyQueen... Continue Reading →

Alabama-based Tribal Goods Shop Gives Back to the Swat Valley

This post is sponsored by A Lilla Bazaar. All opinions are my own!   One shop in Alabama is touching the lives of families in the disaster and war-torn Swat Valley, Pakistan and the surrounding tribal communities. Yes, I said A-L-A-B-A-M-A.... Continue Reading →

Everyday Tribal Fashion: Desigual

Here's the thing about Desigual.   I feel like they can be so hit or miss with their designs. They use fabulous colors and have this great mandala theme that pops up across their collections every year.  Really eclectic and slightly... Continue Reading →

Moroccan Metallics from Penelope Hope

Hey Tribalistas - look over here! We have shiny, pretty, #everydaytribal things for you today! You like how I always start these product announcements by saying, "I happened upon so-and-so one day and fell in love with her products..." ? ... Continue Reading →

Dream Catchers & SandSilkSky

One of my favorite blends of beauty and belief is manifested in the art of the dream catcher.  Though widely incorporated across cultures and in mainstream fashion and decor, let's not forget the real symbolic nature of these tribal objects. ... Continue Reading →

Interview with Rosie, former flamenco dancer with National Spanish Ballet

Before taking off for the holidays, we asked you to chip in some questions for our interview with Rosie from one of our favorite Etsy shops full of tribal jewelry.  Rosie spent 10 years dancing and touring professionally with the... Continue Reading →

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