Everyday Tribal.

Focus on Fair Trade: Nomads Clothing 

It's Fashion Revolution Week! What better time to start supporting fair trade fashion by learning about the revolution and buying a few new fair trade looks for your wardrobe?!  Every year since a fateful day in April 2014 when over... Continue Reading →

Birthstone Inspiration: April Diamonds

Looking for style inspiration? Whether for an everyday tribal look or your next performance costume, this month's style inspiration board comes from the birthstone of lucky April babies : diamonds!   Now, most of us can't afford to go around... Continue Reading →

Designer Boho Style – Temperley London

I came across Temperley London on Pinterest, when this amazing skirt showed up in my feed: I drooled over it for a minute, then fantasized about all the costume options it would present, let alone throwing on a tank top,... Continue Reading →

Headliners and their furbabies

Get a sneak peek of life at home with your favorite belly dance headliners by checking out their adorable furbabies! Can you guess which of these pets belongs to each of these divas?   . . . Ready? . .... Continue Reading →

What makes a good workshop?

Ten ways to ensure your workshop is a hit! What makes workshops good, bad, and everything in between, from the mouths of students themselves!

Origin of the ‘fifi’

Continuing with my education and research into the nomenclature of our bellydance lingo, I have spent the last few weeks playing detective with a move called 'fifi.' I only learned the move a few years ago myself, having been involved... Continue Reading →

3 Minute Ethnography: The Tuaregs

We drape ourselves in Tuareg jewelry, romanticize their nomadic notions, dance to their desert blues music - hell, there's even a car named after them! But how much do you really know about the Tuareg people and their culture? Here's a three minute ethnography to broaden your cultural connections, whether it's to be a more-informed global citizen or simply for a better appreciation of your costume trinkets!

Soothing Sips…favorite teas, chais, and more of hardworking headliners!

What kind of tea does Jill Parker drink to wind down after class or shows? What about Amy Sigil? Find out their favorites and more....

Tribal Spice: Costume Inspiration

On Pinterest one day, this gorgeous image of a spice market in Marakesh popped up on my feed which instantly drew my eye due to the rich colors.  The photo, by Troy Pichard, inspired me to imagine a costume or... Continue Reading →

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