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Q & A with Rosie, former flamenco dancer

I found a store on Etsy called Gypsy Trader Treasure one day while rounding up beauties for a birthstone inspiration collage. When I read the shop owner's biography, I was so intrigued that I have gone back again and again... Continue Reading →

Halloween Costumes for Bohemians and Bellydancers

Raise your hand if Halloween is your favorite time of the year! Raise your hand if it's not your favorite but you have a costume party to go to....and you don't really want to spend any money filling up your... Continue Reading →

Costume Inspiration: Emeralds of May

  It's May!!! Time for Tauruses to don their birthstones to represent all the beautiful things that May celebrates - femininity, motherhood, budding flowers, baby animals.... Of course, if you're dealing with the torrential downpours like some of us around... Continue Reading →

When You’re Unmotivated to Dance

This is my one-song, three minute, no-thinking, doesn't have to be pretty, do it in work clothes at your desk, or in between commercials breaks, right when I get out of bed, or after dinner, or when I'm brushing my teeth body wake-up. Maybe it's all you've got time or energy for today. Maybe it will invigorate you physically and help you move forward to something else. Maybe it will unblock the creativity rut you're in and just get you absent-mindedly moving. I hope it helps you

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