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September Birthstone Inspiration: Sapphire

September has the BEST birthstone: Sapphire! I may not be born in this month but it's my favorite color, so I've rounded up some gorgeous blue costume inspiration for bellydancers and tribalistas!

Wallpapers that will change your mind about, well, wallpaper

A collection of 10 beautifully bohemian wallpapers that would transform your space into tribalista heaven!

Thrifty Tribal: Art Deco Dancers

My latest thrift-store find obsession and what I've learned about the earliest 'oriental' dancers influenced the art deco movement...and vice versa.

Morroccan Wedding Blankets

For my behind-the-curtain interview with Jill Parker, I asked her if there was a certain trinket or souvenir she relishes from all of her travels as a headlining bellydancer.  Her response inspired today's blog:   "I bought a Moroccan Wedding... Continue Reading →

Moroccan Riad Inspiration for the Home

Morocco is the place that my mind travels to most often when I'm fantasizing about the perfect relaxation space in my home or studio.  The supreme melting pot of traditional North African, Berber, Islamic, Christian and Jewish art and architecture...  ... Continue Reading →

Tribal Spice: Costume Inspiration

On Pinterest one day, this gorgeous image of a spice market in Marakesh popped up on my feed which instantly drew my eye due to the rich colors.  The photo, by Troy Pichard, inspired me to imagine a costume or... Continue Reading →

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