If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you’ve probably seen this gorgeous poster advertising Kami Liddle’s new dance program series, Krysalis.

It’s a striking graphic design, and it was only a few weeks after I first saw it that I found out that the designer behind this artwork is none other than one of my own former troupemates!

So I’ve decided to put a spotlight on this tribalista artista to show off just how great it can be when you need a troupe logo, show poster, class flyer, or even a badass new tribal tattoo, and you have a designer who gets your style.

Memphis Raqs

My troupe’s re-designed logo that blended our former mandala logo with the shapes of a tulip poplar- Tennessee’s state tree.  The tulip poplar was all Cassi’s idea – and a brilliant one we all thought!


Meet Cassi Nichole…


Cassi was a member of my professional performance troupe back in Memphis, Memphis Raqs, for several years.  She moved off to Nashville for a job opportunity with a graphic design firm (here’s her snazzy professional website), and even though we’ve been missing her terribly, we continued to keep her ghost around us by hiring her for her fabulous artwork every chance we got!


Here are a few of the beautiful show posters Cassi did for us in the past:



Word got out about Cassi’s unique niche, and she has been designing some pretty fab bellydance troupe logos lately, including these:





Alima Tribe’s director, Kim, loved the logo so much, she added it to her permanent artwork:


So if your studio or troupe needs any work done in the world of graphics that will have all the goodness of tribal design wrapped up in a professional look –

Cassi’s your girl!

  • Websites
  • Business cards
  • Show posters
  • Class flyers
  • Logos



Follow Cassi’s journey into solo performances and home study on her Instagram page @lifeofabellydancer