I found a store on Etsy called Gypsy Trader Treasure one day while rounding up beauties for a birthstone inspiration collage. When I read the shop owner’s biography, I was so intrigued that I have gone back again and again to check out her shop and chat with her .

“I am a former Flamenco dancer for the Spanish Ballet. Throughout my dancing career, I travelled to every continent, from South America to the Middle East and have collected jewellery and small collectables along the way. Given my love for gems and precious metals, I later opened my own jewellery store in the 1980’s. Nearly every item in my Etsy store is a one-off. My pieces are from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and originate from either my personal collection or from the stock I held onto from the store I once owned.”


Her name is Rosie, and I want to know her story. Don’t you?

So we’re having a Q & A for the next two weeks with Rosie. YOU, the readers, will send me your questions. What do you want to know? You KNOW with a bio like that and a collection like hers that she has some fabulous stories and fabulous items around her house. Add your questions below or message me on Facebook @Everydaytribal and when Rosie has a chance to answer them all, we’ll share them in a future post.

Some items from her shop (which is having a 10% off sale until Dec 22!) include bracelets from bali, chokers from India, brooches from Mexico, and lapis from Afghanistan:


Her store boasts, “This isn’t costume jewelry,” and it’s obvious that she treats each piece in her collection and her shop as a precious work of art.


So, head over to her shop to browse her beauties, and shoot me your burning questions for a Q & A with Ms Rosie, former flamenco dancer and world traveler with the Spanish Ballet!