How do you keep your creativity sparking when you are a professional artist or on a deadline? What about when your art is your hobby, and you just can’t find enough time to play with it and create?   For dancers, we always have the technical drills, muscular strengthening, stamina building, the costume making, choreography memorization, and administrative stuff to keep us always too busy to carve out a moment for creative space.

Sure, sometimes we hear a song that hits us like a bolt of lightning and we know exactly what to do with it.

Other times, creativity takes practice and devotion, just like muscle strenghthening.

That’s why once a month I set up a creativity challenge for myself, my students, and anyone else in the oblivion that wants to participate.

This month, consider the shape of the triangle as a point of departure for creativity in movement.


Quite literally – how can you move parts of your body in a triangle shape? Your ribcage isolations, your left hip, your toe…    Draw a triangle – sharpen it, smooth it, change the rhythm or the tempo.

Go deeper – can I generate a triangular movement from deep within, like from my kidneys? How does it change the way my hips move if I initiate from that muscle group instead of externally?   My bellybutton? What happens if I try to make a vertical OR horizontal triangle initated from my bellybutton?!

Let’s go symbolic – the triangle is said to symbolize creativity – wow.  Didn’t see that coming! Ok, what else?

  • Harmony
  • Proportion
  • Ascension
  • Culmination
  • Illumination
  • Integration
  • Subjectivity
  • Manifestation

Pick a word and use that as a storytelling option.   Culmination – “This piece represents the culmination of all the hard work it took for me to graduate nursing school.”   Illumination – “This combination is a joyous representation of the illumination I felt when I fell in love.”


A triangle with a single point at the top represents the female gender.   One with the single point facing down represents the male gender.   Turn it, flip it, roll it.  Depending on the size of its angles, your triangle could remain exactly the same no matter how you turn it, or it could completely change.   What ideas does that spark in your brain about your own life?

Here’s a little combo I generated from this challenge… how many triangles do you see?


You’re turn!  Join in the fun if you want.   Share a clip of you creating, or create a little combo from the triangle inspiration.  Tag me over at Facebook or Instagram, or #everydaytribal to join in the challenges!