It’s May!!! Time for Tauruses to don their birthstones to represent all the beautiful things that May celebrates – femininity, motherhood, budding flowers, baby animals…. Of course, if you’re dealing with the torrential downpours like some of us around the world,  it might not quite feel like Spring yet.  I’m still sporting jackets and umbrellas over here in Brescia, and I know my buddies in Arkansas have been practically floating to dance class on a boat for all the floods.  Anyone celebrating May in the snow? Well, let’s just don our favorite emerald inspirations and dream of the coming greenery, once the snow and floodwaters subside.

Check out some beautiful emerald inspiration for your costumes this month!  Did I miss any? Tag me with a photo of your favorite green bits and I’ll share it too!   (Facebook.com/everydaytribal and Instagram @everydaytribal)


Top to bottom, left to right – click photo to enlarge.

Kira & Ruth in Tribal Fluid Belly Dance ATS, Photo by Geoffrey Haddon

Bindi: Aurora Eventide

Kuchi earrings: Gandhara Crafts

Loose Emeralds: Gems Beads Corner

Green Goddess bra: Gypsy Rain Bazaar

Green Goddess Belt/Shawl:  Gypsy Rain Bazaar

The stunning NagaSita

Kira & Ruth in Tribal Fluid Belly Dance ATS, Photos by Geoffrey Haddon

Kuchi necklace: Neemahe Tribal