I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called “The True Cost“ that opened my eyes to some serious and tragic problems in the fast fashion industry. As a regular bargain clothing shopper, I was pretty disgusted to see the costs associated with keeping price tags down, including unsafe working conditions (like an unregulated factory in Bangladesh that collapsed and killed 1,000 workers in 2013), toxic waste that’s choking entire cities around the world, and side effects of farming genetically-modified cotton.

However, the documentary also introduced me to a UK-based clothing company called People Tree UK, which is not only a Fair Trade organization, but they go even further to fight the problems discussed in the documentary.

People Tree UK actively supports 34 Fair Trade groups in 13 developing countries. In Kenya, People Tree partners with Bombolulu Workshops, a group that empowers physically disabled people. In India, People Tree purchases Fair Trade certified organic cotton from Agrocel farmers. In Bangladesh, People Tree works with Swallows to develop hand woven fabrics and provide livelihoods for weavers. In Nepal, People Tree partners with KTS in producing hand knit sweaters, thereby providing jobs for more than 2,500 women. “ – From PeopleTree.co.uk

PLUS their clothes and accessories are absolutely adorable and affordable!

Check out a handful of pieces I rounded up from their website (www.peopletree.co.uk) and be sure to tag us if you are rocking some #everydaytribal looks featuring items from People Tree!


People Tree Everyday Tribal Look Roundup


Circle skirt
€65 – fashion-conscience.com

Shopping tote bag
€150 – peopletree.co.uk

White handbag
€56 – peopletree.co.uk

Shopping bag
€11 – peopletree.co.uk

Shopping bag
€25 – peopletree.co.uk

Shopping bag
€44 – peopletree.co.uk

Brass ring
€10 – peopletree.co.uk

€1.170 – designersguild.com

5 Reasons to Support Fair Trade:swallows

  1. Fair market values for all products

  2. Safe working conditions for workers

  3. Living wages paid to all workers

  4. Child and slave labor strictly prohibited

  5. Environmentally-sustainable production practices with no genetically-engineered components

(Photos from peopletree.co.uk)

(Watch the documentary here: TrueCostMovie.com)